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At Envision Benefits Group, we prioritize informed hiring decisions, offering Background Checks services that provide comprehensive and accurate information about potential candidates. Our commitment goes beyond the surface, ensuring you have the data needed to build a trustworthy team.



Level 1 Background Check

Social Security Verification and Trace 

Felony Criminal Record Search-County of Residence* 

National Sex Offender (Real Time) 

Federal Criminal Records Search (By State) 

State Department of Corrections

Federal Bureau of PrisonsNational Terrorist Watch List 

Federal Wanted Persons/Warrant Check 

Nationwide Criminal Records Search** 

FBI Fugitive List

US Marshals Most Wanted List

OIG Exclusion Check

GSA/EPLS Exclusion Check HHS Exclusions List


Level 2 Background Check

NYS Driver's License Search***

All of Level 1 

Level 3 Background Check

Cursory Social Media Investigation 

All of Level 1 


*Please note that criminal record searches are per name and jurisdiction. Also note that certain counties within NYS may incur court fees that range up to $150 per county. In some instances, it may be more cost effective to conduct a NY statewide search for $150. Additional AKA, State and/or County Criminal searches are a flat fee of $10.00 plus any other court fees levied by that county or OCA.

Level 1includes a county of residence search, exclusive of any court fees or surcharges charged. Misdemeanor criminal records are at the county level only. This does not preclude the possible existence of Misdemeanor Offenses and Violations recorded in various Town and/or Village Courts, not recorded in the County Seat. Akas are considered additional names and charged accordingly.

**Note: A Nationwide Criminal Records Search only includes jurisdictions that participate in this search. The subjects’ county of residence may or may not be included in this search.

***Driver’s License Records in some states require a signed release from the applicant and are manually processed. Where applicable any fees incurred will be charged accordingly.   All Reports consist of data compiled from various sources, including but not limited to public records, other information repositories, commercial data brokers and third-party information providers. Envision Benefits Group can in no way guarantee the absolute accuracy of the Report or that the Report will be error free. 


Lab Testing Includes: Confirmation, Electronic Results Reporting and Data Management includes MRO review services, Screening and Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) is performed at a designated certified lab.

Level 1 Drug Test

5-9 standard Panel non-DOT Urine Drug Screen Collected at Quest or LabCorp “in network”

Level 2 Drug Test

10 panel non-DOT Urine Drug Screen Collected at Quest or LabCorp “in network”


Background checks come in various panels, each with specific substances tested.

The 5-panel covers common drugs like THC, cocaine, methamphetamines, opiates, and phencyclidine.

The 9-panel extends to include methadone, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, and propoxyphene.

The 10-panel adds methaqualone to the substances tested. These panels are used to assess drug use history in various contexts, from employment screenings to legal matters.


*Labcorp will not accept Quest’s Chain of Custody form or registration, and vice versa. An associate can take a Labcorp COC or Labcorp electronic registration to any Labcorp that performs occupational drug tests. Quest COCs and registrations are effective for all eligible Quest locations. The only choice that needs to be made ahead of time is which lab will be performing the test.

Background Checks

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Compliance and Accuracy

Smart Hiring

Customized Screening

Legal Compliance: We stay up-to-date with all relevant laws and regulations, ensuring that our background checks are conducted in full compliance with legal standards.

Accuracy Assurance: Our commitment to accuracy means you can trust the information we provide for confident decision-making.

Compliance and Accuracy

Mitigate Risks: Identify any potential red flags in a candidate's history, helping to mitigate risks

associated with hiring the wrong individual for your team.

Informed Decision-Making: Gain a comprehensive view of a candidate's background, enabling

informed hiring decisions that align with your organization's values and requirements.

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